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We Will Not Allow Warehouses To Poison Our Families

Warehouses bring large amounts of diesel truck traffic that pollute nearby communities with toxins that cause asthma, cancer, heart disease, emphysema and early death. When our government allows warehouses to be built too close to homes and schools, it is illegal. In 2013, CCAEJ won a lawsuit against the county for breaking the California Environmental Quality Act by poisoning the families of Mira Loma Village with as many as 800 trucks per hour just steps away from bedroom windows and playgrounds.

Now, the warehouse industry has set its sights on a new target, Bloomington. Despite broad community opposition, a warehouse project was recently approved steps away from the Walter Zimmerman Elementary playground in Bloomington. Even more warehouse projects have been proposed. Children are especially susceptible to the coming truck pollution, increasing their risks for breathing problems the more often they play outside. We in Bloomington will not accept a world where the more we breathe, the sicker we get. We will not allow our government to break the law and poison our families.

In order for the government to finally take action in Mira Loma Village and enforce the laws that protect us from warehouse pollution, we had to organize, rally, petition and hold our government accountable. That’s what we’re doing in Bloomington. We’re holding community meetings and making our voices heard.

We’re holding community meetings, we’re giving testimony to our representatives, we’re telling the press about this injustice. We’re standing up for our rights, and while there is more hard work ahead, our efforts are paying off. Our story is getting regional and statewide media attention. When a city council member came to our community meeting with warehouse industry lies, attempting to convince us that our lungs didn’t matter as much as we thought, he was booed.

Now we’re working to get the Colton Joint Unified School Board to agree to stand with us in opposition to school-adjacent warehouses that will make our children sick.

We will not stop fighting until we win. We will not stop until our children are safe and the future health of Bloomington is secure. We need you to stand with us. Contact Ericka Flores at to learn how your voice can make a difference in this struggle.


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