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How will CA’s Move To Electric Transit Impact Our Community in the Inland Region?

What’s the latest news?

On January 11, 2018, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) unanimously voted to approve utility programs aiming to electrify the state’s transportation system. The decision means that our state’s largest investor-owned utilities will move forward with ambitious pilot programs to electrify transportation — the largest source of pollution in the state.

How did CCAEJ and our Inland region community play a role?

Along with East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice, we were amongst the first groups in the nation to push for zero emissions freight equipment in our communities in order to protect our families from deadly diesel pollution. During the proceedings leading up to the January decision, we filed testimony like this to demonstrate the urgent need to electrify our transportation:

“Our communities are in a state of emergency due to the health effects of living near the BNSF intermodal facility [in San Bernardino] and dealing with all the truck and rail traffic it brings. Investing in infrastructure to support zero emission technologies is an opportunity to demonstrate that our community and communities like ours are equal citizens and deserve to be protected from air pollution just as everyone else does.” – CCAEJ Community Organizer Ericka Flores

Why does this matter for families in the Inland region?

This decision to invest in zero emission technology infrastructure means a healthier future for our communities. This is a major step toward protecting our families from toxic air pollution.

What comes next?

The set of projects that the CPUC approved this month are only the beginning. Even larger utility projects are still pending, so we’ll continue to raise our voices together to protect our community.

How can I learn more?

In addition to following the links in this article, you can stay up to date on this issue by following CCAEJ on Facebook and Twitter.


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