Our work within the Inland Valley is particularly strategic in advancing the goals of the environmental health and justice movements in California.  We work to train future generations of leaders, particularly women of color, whose voices would otherwise not be heard.

Community Organizing

Policy Advocacy

Civic Engagement

Youth Leadership

CCAEJ’s work is grounded in “place”. We recognize that communities are not simply groupings of buildings filled with consumers, customers, or clients whose behavior is studied, managed and manipulated by powerful outside forces. Communities are families, neighbors, and individuals, who recognize the necessity of sharing power and sharing responsibility. Their voice brings perspective to the public debate of those most directly affected in ways that can refocus attention to the most urgent needs of our families, neighbors and fellow residents and can breathe new compassion, creativity, and responsibility into the public debate and decision.

The goal of CCAEJ is to build a strong movement for change that acknowledges the connections and is committed to challenging:

  • exploitation of workers as well as the environment
  • oppression of people on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation and class
  • concentrated power in the hands of scientists, engineers and the commercial and military interests that support them