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Tell Our Governor: Your “Climate Bills” Sell Our Lungs To The Oil Industry, We’re Smarter Than Your Spin

Right now, a battle between political points, the oil industry and the future of the air we breathe is taking place in Sacramento. It’s time to wield our community power to ensure a better future.

A key bill package on climate policy and air quality is moving its way through negotiations in our state legislature. On the surface, it seems to finally grant our community the rights we deserve, to breathe clean air and hold polluters accountable. But we’re smarter than the political spin — we know the fluffy language is a lie.

None of the bills (AB 398 and AB 617) get at the core of solving our most entrenched environmental justice issues – and in some cases make matters worse.

  • AB 398 is part of a continued trend of concessions to the oil industry, allowing them to tie the hands of regulatory agencies meant to curb their emissions in our community.
  • AB 617, is not the panacea of progressive air quality policy they would like us to believe, we can see through the spin. The bill is a counterbalance to the oil industry give away of AB 398, but doesn’t change the way we can clean air in our most impacted communities. It’s a way for politicians to say they’re doing the right thing without doing much at all.

(Communities for a Better Environment created a brief breakdown of the most egregious bill language here).

‘Progressive’ Jerry Brown and the legislators behind these bills are doling out poor policies and broken promises, but using language that earns them backing from Democrats and environmental groups alike. But we won’t let liberal politics-as-usual silence and sacrifice us to gain political points.

At the end of the day, we who live next to rail yards, warehouses, refineries, and transportation corridors bear the worst consequences from bad policies – and this is no exception.


This is our fight to win.

This is our time to wield the power we’ve built. This is our time to let our strong community voice overcome the lies of politics. We will speak the truth, bring our community experience to light and stop this deal that sells our lungs to the oil industry for political capital.

Time and again in the past, when we work together to stand up for what’s right, we can win. Every call, tweet, email and share on social media matters.


Make your voice heard now.


Governor Jerry Brown

Call the Governor Now at (916) 445-2841

Tweet The Governor Now @JerryBrownGov

Email The Governor Now


Assemblymember Garcia

State Assemblymember Garcia, a leader who has championed our community’s needs in the past, currently supports this bill package. Tell her that our lungs are not for sale, that we know the truth of this climate policy bill package.

State Assemblymember Garcia, a leader who has championed our community’s needs in the past, currently supports this bill package. Tell her that our lungs are not for sale, that we know the truth of this climate policy bill package.


#NoMoreClimateSpin #wearejusttryingtobreathe

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