The Need

Over its 39 year history CCAEJ has developed a wealth of information, expertise and contacts on environmental justice issues. We share that reservoir of knowledge by consulting with community residents around the Inland Valleys to assist in addressing their issues.

11 Communties Assisted
288 Community Meetings
96 Agency Meetings

our Approch

Believing that we not do anything for communities that they can themselves we seek to develop capacity and independence within communities. In addition to assisting communities maneuver through the bureaucratic system we help to develop a community-based environmental problem-solving program to augment agency actions and enhance protection of our local environment. Frustrated by the apparent lack of action by regulatory agencies to protect our water, air and ground we strive to bring the eyes and ears of informed, trained and engaged local residents in identifying, researching and investigating violations of environmental law through focusing public awareness to the problem, compiling a list of non-compliant industries and filing citizen suits as allowed by Law. To demystify the enforcement and legal system, we host several training workshops for local residents, like -Navigating Local Government (Who do you call and what can they do?); and How to do environmental testing. CCAEJ staff is available to conduct strategic planning for communities to address their needs.