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Take A Stand For Your Human Right To Clean Air

Our communities in the Inland Empire breath the most polluted air in the nation. Polluted air takes our kids out of school for asthma treatment and doctor visits. We live and work with air pollution-induced chronic disease, leading us to die prematurely.

We have an opportunity to take a major step forward in the fight to give our communities the human right to clean air. On March 23, the governing board of the California Air Resources Board will decide whether to approve an the plan to bring the South Coast Air Basin into compliance with federal Clean Air Standards and approve the statewide strategy to make the air of our most polluted communities safe to breath. The Board has a choice to reject a plan that allows polluters to harm our communities and use its authority to impose the necessary measures to clean our air now.

Join us on March 23 to rally for our right to clean air and demand our government officials make the right choice by voting for an Air Quality Management Plan with the following points:

Zero Emissions Now

The fossil fuel industry has offered the headline of “near-zero” to government officials, but we are smarter than a tagline. The “near-zero” emissions from the tailpipes of trucks harm our children’s lungs just the same. We must pass a plan with zero emissions now.

No Economic Incentives For Polluters

Many businesses would like to be nice, but they care about their bottom line first. Our government officials have two options before them,

  1. A plan that politely requests polluting businesses stop illegally poisoning our neighborhoods, and get some extra cash as a thank you
  2. A plan that mandates illegal pollution cease immediately, with real world fines and enforcement measures if they don’t.

Our children don’t have the choice to not breathe if it’s inconvenient for them. The law is not meant to be a polite suggestion. Polluting businesses cannot be given the choice of whether or not to poison our communities.

Ensure the logistics industry does its fair share for clean air

Warehouses, and their trucks and trains, have polluted the Inland Empire and left us sick. This industry must play a major role in the mitigation of the damage they have caused directly.

Stop subsidizing industry with working families’ taxes

Our families pay for the logistics industry’s pollution daily in healthcare costs and missed work.

We will not allow our working families to be forced to pay even more to clean up the damage. A suggested Air Quality Management Plan raises taxes on some of our basic human needs, like housing, and includes egregiously regressive increases to sales tax. Funds to repair our air must come from the pockets of those who poisoned it.

Join the Movement on March 23

You can join the movement to fight for our human right to clean air and make an important difference. Contact to learn more and get involved.



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