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We Will Not Allow Warehouses To Poison Our Families

Warehouses bring large amounts of diesel truck traffic that pollute nearby communities with toxins that cause asthma, cancer, heart disease, emphysema and early death. When our government allows warehouses to be built too close to homes and schools, it is illegal. In 2013, CCAEJ won a lawsuit against the county for breaking the California Environmental Quality.....

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An Open Letter To Assemblymember Garcia: Amend AB 617 So Our Families Can Breathe

July 12, 2017 The Honorable Cristina Garcia Assemblymember State Capitol, Room 2013 Sacramento, CA 95814 Re: AB 617 — Oppose in Current Iteration Dear Assemblymember Garcia: We thank you for your efforts on behalf of environmental justice communities, and we know you are one of the strongest champions for the community in Sacramento; which makes.....