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Apply to the 2018 Boards & Commissions Training!

 APPLICATIONS are due on WEDNESDAY, MAY 23rd APPLY HERE About the Program: The Boards & Commissions Program trains, supports, and places social justice advocates on strategic local and regional boards and commissions to influence policy decisions and improve equity throughout the Inland Valley. Through the program, prospective appointees gain integrated perspectives on relevant social justice issues, technical.....

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We Will Not Allow Riverside to Cage Jurupa Valley’s Future In Their Power Lines

Betty Anderson is a passionate community leader of Jurupa Valley. She’s building community power to protect Jurupa Valley’s future from Riverside’s power line project. Betty’s here to tell you why.  There is more than one point of view about the Riverside Transmission Reliability Project (RTRP).  Mr. Girish Balachandran of Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) and RPU.....

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The voice of our community is powerful, and it’s within you.

  Every day, for 35 years and counting, we watch community leaders stand up to special interests, polluters and prejudice and we watch them win. These leaders are the grandmothers, fathers, daughters and friends who live next door. They are just like you. They don’t have the time, money, experience or the formal expertise they.....