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The Rochas are Defending Our Human Rights from Mega Warehouses

 Meet Kim and Tommy Rocha. When constant traffic pollution encroached on their neighborhood, they moved to Bloomington and found their American dream: a beautiful home in a peaceful community. Then the warehouses and diesel truck pollution came, threatening their livelihood yet again. Here’s why they’ve become two of our community’s leading voices for human rights. It.....

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Job Announcement – Executive Director

  Date: August 17, 2017  Applications Due: October 16, 2017  Established in 1978, the Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice is one of the oldest and most successful environmental justice organizations in California and continues to operate a comprehensive suite of community engagement programs focused on reducing residents’ exposure to local pollution sources and bringing resources and amenities to.....

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The voice of our community is powerful, and it’s within you.

  Every day, for 35 years and counting, we watch community leaders stand up to special interests, polluters and prejudice and we watch them win. These leaders are the grandmothers, fathers, daughters and friends who live next door. They are just like you. They don’t have the time, money, experience or the formal expertise they.....