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Stand Tall Representative Lewis

Stand Tall Rep. John Lewis

I strongly applaud and commend Congressman John Lewis and all the congress members – including my own representative, Mark Takano – for refusing to legitimize the election of Donald Trump by not attending the inauguration.
Many democrats – from the Clintons to Obama- have taken the position that we must respect the institution of the Presidency and uphold the peaceful passing of power to the next President. They believe this is more important than the person assuming the office and is vital to the continuance of our democratic system.

I strongly disagree. What we forget is that standing up and fighting for what is right and moral is what protects our democracy! We are based on premise of governance of, by and for the people. Trump did not get the majority vote of the American people and there is strong evidence that a foreign government stepped in to interfere in our election. What we are faced with is not normal. Trumps blatant racism, hate, lying, corruption, influence from foreign governments, are beyond anything we’ve ever experienced before. When the party assuming power does not respect or abide by the policies, traditions or basic human decency of that institution we must fight back to preserve that very institution.

I’m old enough to remember a generation where married women were chastised, pressured and shamed for thinking about leaving a bad marriage. The dominate belief was that the institution of marriage was more important than an individual woman’s happiness or safety. As a result millions of women stayed in relationships where they were demeaned, isolated, beaten, assaulted and killed. Because women were shamed into staying “for the good of the institution and the children”, the abuse spread to the children setting up a multi-generational culture of abuse and misogyny. We learned that sacrificing women’s lives did nothing to uphold or strengthen the institution of marriage, it simply damaged and destroyed the lives of millions of women and children.

The warnings are clear- from his appointments and campaign platform which promise to be bad and dangerous to people around this country – women, immigrants, Muslims, workers, the environment, health care for millions, LGBTQ community- we must stand up, confront and fight back!

Now is the time to stand up and challenge what is going on. We can’t have a president who shuns the best interests of America to promote his own interests. When the President refuses to act according to the values, principles, rules, practices and basic human decency of that institution we must stand up and fight back- THAT is American democracy.


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