The Need

To develop policies that deal with issues in a comprehensive manner requires that all viewpoints of those most directly impacted need to be at the table. No one knows the issue better or can define the best way to solve those issues than the people whose lives are directly affected. We work with local residents to identify the issue; define the most effective solutions; and develop and directly advocate for those policies.

24 Community Advocates
6 Bills Passed
7 Local Policies

our Approach

Based on the belief that those most directly affected by an issue are best qualified to find the solutions, we engage local families in outlining the issues and developing meaningful policies to address those issues. Their voice brings perspective to the public debate of those most directly affected in ways that can refocus attention to the most urgent needs of our families, neighbors and fellow residents and can breathe new compassion, creativity and responsibility into the public debate and decision making process. CCAEJ hosts Policy Action Teams who are trained in how a bill becomes a law, how local government works, how to engage local elected officials and how to effectively present their issues and solutions. These are the voices of the IE in developing policies – based on the community agendas and platforms developed in the community.