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Planning for Healthy Communities

Recently, the Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice (CCAEJ) co-sponsored California Senate Bill 1000. Now that the bill has passed, cities and counties are required to adopt an environmental justice element or integrate environmental justice-related policies, objectives and goals into other elements of their General Plans.

After SB 1000 passed, California Environmental Justice Alliance (CEJA) and PlaceWorks Inc. worked together to create the a toolkit to help local governments, planners, community-based organizations, and other stakeholders to develop an Environmental Justice Element or a set of environmental justice policies for their General Plans to meet the requirements of SB 1000.

The toolkit will make sure that local governments and community residents can work in harmony to proactively plan for and address environmental justice concerns when developing the long-term goals, policies and visions to guide the future growth of their cities.

To download the toolkit or to learn more about SB 1000, click here.





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