The mission of the Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice is to bring people together to improve
our social and natural environment.


We view the “environment” as everything around us.  This includes three segments:

  • NATURAL environment – the way in which we as humans interrelate with the planet, its resources and the creatures that inhabit it
  • BUILT environment – the things we create, develop, and build that surround us and influence our quality of life
  • SOCIAL environment – the rules, norms and culture we put in place so that we can live together in a civil society.   Holding all these elements together in a society are key questions.  How are priorities set?  How are decisions made?  And how are resources allocated? And, even the more important questions of: Who sets priorities? Who makes the decisions? And who receives the resources?  The answers to these questions determine the conditions under which we live; the quality of life that we have; and outcome to our health and well-being within our society.  This is the social justice piece of environmental justice that seeks equity and fairness and voice for those that have not been at the table.