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Meet the Next Generation of Environmental Justice Advocates

Our communities depend on future generations to follow in our footsteps and speak up for environmental and social justice. Through our Emerging Youth Leaders Program, we empower, educate and engage students in high school and college to take on active leadership roles in their communities. On December 2, 2017, we celebrated with the 13 inspiring graduates of this new program.

The Journey to Graduation

From September to December, the Emerging Youth Leaders Program equipped these young people with skills to help them build careers as leaders in our communities, focusing on regional issues, civic processes and leadership development.

During one of their sessions, the students participated in a government field day to visit elected officials in person. The high school and college students asked their pressing questions about current issues and learned firsthand what an average day in the life of a government official looks like.

What’s Next?

These students have already begun to shape the future of Inland communities they call home. Our team at CCAEJ will continue to cheer them on as they pursue experiences and careers that bring justice to their neighborhoods.

This program is designed for engaged students ages 16 to 19 from the Jurupa Unified School District, Alvord Unified School District, Riverside City College and the University of California-Riverside.

If you or someone you know would be a perfect fit for our 2018 high school or college program, please contact Italia at for more information.


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