The building blocks of every community lie in the relationships at the neighborhood level. Youth have knowledge, contacts and skills that enable them to draw their peers into efforts to improve their community. By utilizing the skills, talents, and knowledge of each young leader and tapping into the resources and relationships that are inherent within each community they can identify issues, define solutions and create change. Each community member brings their own expertise and talents to the table, combining with others to form a strong community force. Helping youth recognize their own strengths; learn new skills and develop the confidence to utilize them within a group setting defines for us— grassroots leadership development.

Students 4 Social Justice @ Jurupa Valley High School

A Partnership with the Rainbow Pride Youth Alliance and Jurupa Unified School District

S4SJ focuses on engaging students to be active leaders in their communities by developing their critical lens on regional issues and identifying cultural strengths that build resilience. Through the program, students will develop, apply, and strengthen knowledge of social justice issues in a safe space. This will empower students to get involved locally and make informed choices Tregarding their own behavioral health and development.




Past Programs

Emerging Young Leaders Program (EYLP)

The Emerging Young Leaders Program focuses on empowering, educating, and engaging students to be active leaders in their communities. Through the program, Fellows will learn about issues impacting their community, the civic engagement process, and develop leadership skills.