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Jurupa Valley residents rally against power lines that would halt community growth

  • Power lines would seal off open land meant for grocery stores, jobs near new homes

  • Neighbors led protest to oppose power lines that would bring zero power to locals

Jurupa Valley, August 2, 2017 – Today, over 40 Jurupa Valley residents gathered to speak out against the proposed installation of power lines next their homes. The families gave speeches and carried signs declaring “No Overhead Power Lines” in the open space just outside their neighborhood to protest the City of Riverside’s proposal to install miles of high-voltage power lines there– without any benefit to local residents.

“My wife and I purchased this home for our retirement in Jurupa Valley,” said Antonio Romero, a Jurupa Valley resident. “We were told that the empty field across the street was reserved for retail development. These power lines would take away our opportunity to grow as a thriving city.”

With an open field full of potential serving as a backdrop, the Jurupa Valley neighbors explained how the proposed high-voltage power lines would:

  • Harm the city’s budding economic growth by making the open space next to their homes unavailable for commercial development
  • Fail to offer any benefit to the residents living along the proposed power line route, as the power would only serve the City of Riverside

“My wife and I planned to buy a home we loved in Chino when I retired, but we passed on it because it was so close to high-voltage power lines,” said Herb McKee. “That’s why we settled here in Jurupa Valley – we had no warning that these power lines were being considered so close to our new home.”

“We need this land to bring in revenue for our city,” added Penny Newman, founder and executive director Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice (CCAEJ). “But if these power lines go forward as proposed, then we will lose that opportunity and be forced to continue traveling to other cities to shop for groceries.”

Residents will continue to urge the California Public Utilities Commission to deny the proposed power line route. A Subsequent Environmental Impact Report for the proposed power lines is expected this summer.

For more information on this issue, please contact to arrange an interview with the Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice (CCAEJ).


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