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Inland Empire groups say #NoTechForICE on ‘Prime Day’

A delegation of community leaders and residents visited Amazon’s ONT 5 facility in San Bernardino on July 15, 2019 to deliver petitions signed by more than 275,000 people calling for the company to cut its ties to ICE and end all worker abuses (Photo: Erika Paz)

Not everyone is looking for deals during Amazon’s ‘Prime Day’. Inland Empire activists, organizers, and workers instead are using the chance to speak out against the company’s collaboration with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Over 100 people gathered outside the company’s IBT5 facility in San Bernardino Today, shouting “No Tech for ICE” as they surrounded the entrance of the facility, urging management to engage in a conversation about the issue. 

“With San Bernardino County leading the U.S. in ICE arrests, we are demanding that Amazon stop enabling ICE’s brutal anti-immigrant machine locally and across the country,” expressed Lyzzeth Mendoza of the Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice. “When Amazon profits off services used by ICE, they are direct culprits in the harm caused to immigrant communities.”

The San Bernardino delegation, convened by ICIJ, Warehouse Workers Resource Center, Inland Congregations United for Change, Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice, Rapid Response Network, ACLU Southern California, and SEIU Local 2015, presented thousands of petition signatures to apply pressure on Amazon. 

Amazon is facing a strong backlash from immigrant rights advocates across the nation for helping enforce the federal government’s “zero tolerance” policy that has resulted in family separations and abusive policing from ICE and Customs and Border Protection. 

Amazon has also repeatedly faced reprimands for abuse in the workplace. Workers have shared testimonies of urinating inside water bottles and trash cans when denied bathroom breaks and being shamed for refusing to work through injuries.

“Workers in the Inland Empire helped make Jeff Bezos the richest man in the world. Since day one, however, Amazon has exploited them,” says Sheheryar Kaoosji of Warehouse Workers Resource Center. “Amazon must create a humane rate and workload for its workers, pay workers living wages, and allow workers a voice on the job.”


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