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Your Historic Victory for Clean Air

Historic Victory For Clean Air

With a strong, united voice We won!

For years, you’ve taken off work and school to rally, write letters and give public testimony demanding your human right to breath clean, healthy air.

Last week, the California Air Resources Board met to make one of the most influential votes for the future of our air in the last decade, and nearly 300 of you came to join our spirited rally and give passionate public testimony to our government officials.

Your dedication paid off.

Specifically citing our strong, unified community voice, the California Air Resources Board unanimously approved community-led resolutions and amendments to the South Coast Air Quality Management Plan that ensure,

  • Our government will force train, truck and warehouse companies to clean up their act if they don’t do it on their own
  • Refineries will install life-saving clean air safeguards
  • An “Indirect Source Rule” will control pollution from large freight sources like ports, railyards and warehouses.

Your hard work and dedication made this historic victory a reality. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

To learn more, read our letter to the California Air Resources Board demanding clean air for our communities. To get involved, contact


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