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After Fighting with Us All His Life, Allen Hernandez Joins CCAEJ as Executive Director

Join us in welcoming Allen Hernandez to the Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice team as executive director.

Allen has been a part of our fight to build community power his entire life.

A second-generation resident of Fontana, Allen spent his childhood in and out of the emergency room because of his inability to breathe normally. Allen’s parents, a small landscape business owner and casino housekeeper, would retreat to Lytle Creek, away from the smog, when Allen’s lungs failed him.

Allen grew up in our community and experienced the pollution here. It’s what drove his desire to build our power and make our voices heard.

His career in environmental justice began as an organizer for the hotel workers’ unions UNITE Here Local 11 and Local 226, where he led hunger strikes and walk-outs to put power back in our hands. Then he joined the Sierra Club, often working hand in hand with CCAEJ to bring our voice to decision-makers and demand clean air and equity.

Allen holds a Master’s of Arts in Social Service Administration from the University of Chicago and a Certificate in Leadership, Organizing and Action from Harvard University. While he has given lectures and keynotes across the country on environmental justice and community organizing, his work building community power has always been in our community.

Alongside our community members, Allen has made his voice heard in community newspapers like El Chicano, Fontana Herald, San Bernardino County Sun, San Gabriel Valley Tribune and others.

Today, unfortunately, Allen’s five-year-old niece has the same pollution-induced breathing problems many of our children do. She has had asthma since she was just one and a half years old.

Together, we will continue our fight to ensure Allen’s niece, all of our community and our future generations have a safe, prosperous place to live, work and grow. With our CCAEJ team and Allen by our side, we will continue building our power and we will continue to win.


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To learn more, read Allen’s latest profile in Inland Empire Community News



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