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What is the problem?

The Westside of the City of San Bernardino is a home to hundreds of families and is, unfortunately, a toxic hot spot for pollution and other industry facilities. Omnitrans happens to be one of the flourishing transportation industries of San Bernardino, and is a common travel resource in the city.  For the past six years residents of Westside in the City of San Bernardino have been exposed to natural gas that has been found, in many cases, to be explosive by nature. Although CCAEJ has no problem with the transportation element of Omnitrans itself, the explosive tendencies of the refueling stations and their proximity to the residents of San Bernardino is alarming.The Omnitrans facility is DIRECTLY across the street from the Ruben Campos community center, and extremely close to Alessandro Elementary School. In one month, the facility can contain more than 500,000 gallons of Natural Gas, both Compressed and Liquid.  Even more daunting is the fact that these tanks pose a danger to the residents because of their explosive tendencies that we have seen in past cases in the United States such as San Bruno, CA ; Harlem, NY, and Washington State.

So what are we currently doing about the problem?

CCAEJ and its Community Action Team (CAT) is currently working on spreading the word to the community and making sure that their voices are heard. Join us in our journey and campaign to remove these huge tanks from the Westside and into an industrial area where they belong!