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Mira Loma- Warehouses and Truck Traffic

Mira Loma is an unincorporated community in western Riverside that is known for its agriculture and vast acreage of vineyards, dairies, and small farms. However, since 1999 there has been a constant assault on the communities, as industries form Los Angeles and Orange County sought new territory in which to expand or relocate. The vast open spaces of our communities became prime targets. The temptation to solve the local government funding shortage through warehouse development became too great to turn down — even at the expense of the health of the low income residents of the affected communities from the concentration of diesel truck exhaust drawn to the area by warehousing.

While we were unable to stop the warehouses from being built, we are now able to reduce the health impacts with the help of the community. In February of 2013, CCAEJ won a lawsuit against the county for allowing these warehouses to be built and for violating Environmental Quality acts in the process. We are now working on things like alternative truck routes, air filtration in resident’s homes, and other measures to improve the health of the community and to reduce the health impacts brought on by these invasive warehouses.