Stand Up, Fight Back.

“We can’t expect government to come and solve our problems. Our government is just a process, and you either know how to use that process, and it’s systems and its tools, or you don’t.” - Penny Newman, Founder of CCAEJ


CCAEJ runs on the driven voices of our community members, but it also needs money to operate.

CCAEJ has continued to provide communities in the Inland Empire with the infrastructure we need to turn our voices into victories, the firepower we need to turn our responsibility to our families into a safer, healthier future. CCAEJ provides us the knowledge we need to wield our voices as powerful agents of change. If you have the means, we humbly ask for a tax-deductible donation to CCAEJ so our community can have the access to the tools to continue to raise our voice and build our power.

Online: Make a single or recurring monthly donation online through our secure, Paypal system with the button above.

Check: Mail a check made out to "CCAEJ" with the memo "donation to CCAEJ" to PO Box 33124 Riverside, CA 92519