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Become a Citizen. Take Charge of Our Community’s Fate.

At the Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice, my job as Civic Engagement Coordinator is to help us build a powerful community that is led by our people and for our people. When our community is empowered to make our own decisions, we can build healthier, cleaner places to live more prosperous lives. We can take charge of our community’s fate.

Part of that mission is helping our families join the democratic process and increase their influence by becoming American citizens. Citizenship is another tool to make our community’s voice more powerful. There are an estimated 2.2 million immigrants in California eligible for citizenship and voting rights. Our community is filled with people driven to gain their right to vote and more fully engage in the decisions of their community.

The path from legal resident to American citizenship is often confusing and daunting. The Trump Administration’s racist rhetoric and assault on immigrant rights has made the process even scarier, but also more urgent and more valuable for increasing our families’ security. Citizenship status can protect your ability to live, work and travel across the U.S. border, and bring your family peace of mind in an uncertain time for immigrants.

Our First Citizenship Workshop


On March 18th, we held our first citizenship workshop to offer community members straightforward information and a caring hand on their path to citizenship. We quickly learned how many people in our community are motivated and ready to become citizens, as more than 200 attended our first workshop at Rubidoux high school.

In addition to a great community turnout, the following officials attended to show their support and offer help.

  • Congressman Mark Takano
  • State Senator Richard Roth
  • California State Assembly Member Sabrina Cervantes
  • Chief Consul of Mexico in San Bernardino Enrique Salomon Rosas Ramirez
  • Consul of Guatemala in San Bernardino Billy Muñoz
  • Jurupa Valley City Council Member Anthony Kelly
  • Jurupa Unified School Board President Robert Garcia
  • Jurupa Unified School Board Member Silvia Ortega

I heard many community members in attendance echo the same sentiments. As soon as Donald Trump was elected president, their drive to gain citizenship became urgent and important for their family.

Join Our Next Citizenship Workshop for Friendly, Hands-On Assistance

Our next citizenship workshop is on May 6 at 9 a.m. at Rubidoux High School, 4250 Opal St, Riverside, CA 92509.

Join us to receive personalized help on your path to citizenship from experts and fellow community members who have gone through the process themselves.

Citizenship can offer your family better job opportunities, more security, freedom and a more powerful voice. We are your neighbors and we’re here to help you. Contact Italia at to learn more.


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