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Climate Action.

This was first posted September 10, 2018 on Radio Bilingue.

A conversation with the author of a landmark bill that requires all California electricity to be generated from carbon-free energy sources, like solar and wind, by 2045. If signed by Gov. Brown, California would become the second state to end fossil fuels in the energy sector. This program also includes conversations with speakers at the Soil Not Oil Conference in San Francisco, a convening of environmentalists who discuss ways to protect the soil to help find solutions to climate change. They meet on the eve of the Global Climate Action Summit, a gathering of thousands of leaders from around the globe initiated by Gov. Brown when Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement.

Guests: Sen. Kevin de Leon, Former President Pro Tem, California State Senate, Sacramento, CA; Dr. Miguel Altieri, Emeritus Professor, UC Berkeley, San Francisco, .


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